Montreat College
 2011 Men's Soccer Season Outlook

As we enter the conference part of the schedule we have been working hard to discover who we are.  We have moved players around, fought through some adversity and have had some great times.  We have played well and have played bad.  We have given it our all and we have given-up.  We have some adjustments to make and injuries to heal.  However, one thing is sure, this program is ready to enter this conference and compete for the title. 
We have the tools to win and it will only be ourselves to blame when we lose.  The season has started off well for our offensive.  Sophomore captain Maxi Viera has recorded  9 goals and 4 assists in 5 games leading the team to a 4-1 record.  The defense has recorded one clean sheet and with the reintroduction or sophomore center back Cesar Lopez we hope more shutouts are on the way.  
We will continue to focus our work and attention on the game at hand and try not to get ahead of our hope.  This season will be the first for this player-coach relationship but we pray it looks as if we've been together for years.  We hope you follow our journey and join us in our ups and downs. 

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