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Schedule for 2010-11 Volleyball
 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
 281:00 PM vs. Southern Wesleyan UniversityL-25-23,27-25,6-25,17-25,9-150-1 Details
31  vs. Limestone CollegeT-0-0 Details
 411:00 AM vs. Florida CollegeL-25-27,15-25,25-20,21-250-2 Details
 Volley in the Mountains Tournament
 3:00 PM vs. Mountain State UniversityW-25-23,25-17,25-171-2 Details
 Volley in the Mountains Tournament
 7:00 PM vs. Brevard CollegeW-25-19,25-19,25-202-2 Details
 Volley in the Mountains
76:30 PM vs. Virginia IntermontW-25-19,25-16,25-203-2 1-0Details
 87:00 PM @ King CollegeL-25-20,25-20,25-123-3 Details
 107:00 PM vs. North GreenvilleW-25-18,23-25,17-25,26-284-3 Details
 Pfeiffer University Invitational
 1110:00 AM vs. Queens University of CharlotteW-23-25,21-25,22-255-3 Details
 Pfeiffer University Invitational
 2:30 PM @ Pfeiffer UniversityW-22-25,11-25,21-256-3 Details
 Pfeiffer University Invitational
146:30 PM vs. Bluefield CollegeW-25-20,25-8,25-207-3 2-0Details
 177:00 PM vs. UVA-WiseW-25-15,25-13,25-98-3 Details
 217:00 PM @ Lenoir-Rhyne CollegeW-20-25,25-22,18-25,26-24,12-159-3 Details
246:30 PM vs. Bryan CollegeW-22-25,25-20,25-16,21-25,15-610-3 3-0Details
 Live Broadcast
251:00 PM vs. Reinhardt UniversityW-25-17,25-13,25-1211-3 4-0Details
306:30 PM vs. Milligan CollegeW-25-20,28-30,25-16,22-25,17-1512-3 5-0Details
211:00 AM vs. Tennessee WesleyanW-25-12,25-8,25-1413-3 6-0Details
56:30 PM @ Virginia IntermontW-25-19,22-25,11-25,25-23,9-1514-3 7-0Details
76:30 PM @ Bluefield CollegeW-20-25,16-25,19-2515-3 8-0Details
91:00 PM @ Union CollegeL-25-20,17-25,22-25,25-15,15-1215-4 8-1Details
 Union College Tri-Match
 3:00 PM @ Indiana UniversityL-25-15,25-14,25-1815-5 Details
 Union College Tri-Match
 147:00 PM @ Florida CollegeL-27-25,23-25,25-23,19-25,15-1315-6 Details
 154:00 PM @ Clearwater Christian CollegeL-25-20,25-18,25-1615-7 Details
 6:00 PM vs. Pensacola ChristianW-21-25,14-25,15-2516-7 Details
 1610:00 AM vs. Keiser UniversityW-25-14,23-25,25-20,17-25,12-1517-7 Details
 Webber International Tournament
 2:00 PM @ Webber InternationalW-25-10,18-25,20-25,25-2718-7 Details
 Webber International Tournament
 4:00 PM vs. Marian UniversityL-25-13,27-25,25-1718-8 Details
 Webber International Tournament
196:30 PM @ Tennessee WesleyanW-16-25,17-25,19-2519-8 9-1Details
 216:30 PM vs. King CollegeW-22-25,22-25,25-18,25-23,15-1120-8 Details
 231:00 PM vs. Shawnee State UniversityL-25-22,22-25,24-26,25-23,15-620-9 Details
 3:00 PM @ UVA-WiseW-19-25,25-27,12-2521-9 Details
266:30 PM @ Milligan CollegeW-14-25,21-25,23-2522-9 10-1Details
296:30 PM @ Bryan CollegeW-23-25,18-25,21-2523-9 11-1Details
301:00 PM @ Reinhardt UniversityW-16-25,25-22,19-25,21-2524-9 12-1Details
 27:00 PM @ Brevard CollegeW-19-25,15-25,23-2525-9 Details
 47:00 PM @ Mars Hill UniversityL-25-19,17-25,26-28,25-23,15-825-10 Details
61:00 PM vs. Union CollegeL-19-25,21-25,22-2525-11 12-2Details
 5:00 PM vs. Southern Wesleyan UniversityW-25-17,25-16,17-25,25-2326-11 Details
 Montreat Tri-Match
 10  vs. Reinhardt UniversityW-25-22,14-25,10-25,11-2527-11 Details
 Appalachian Athletic Conference Tournament-Kingsport, TN
 11  vs. Tennessee WesleyanW-12-25,22-25,10-2528-11 Details
 AAC Tournament
 6:00 PM vs. Milligan CollegeL-25-23,25-22,22-25,25-2128-12 Details
 AAC Tournament
 JV- Volleyball Schedule
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