Montreat College
 Champions of Character
Montreat College Athletics is proud to be a part of The The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Champions of Character program.
The Champion of Character program is designed to instill an understanding of character values in sport and provide practical tools for student-athletes, coaches and parents to use in modeling exemplary character traits. The NAIA has been informally teaching character development through athletics for decades. Now our core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, servant leadership and sportsmanship are addressed comprehensively in the Champions of Character program.
Launched by the NAIA in 2000, the Champions of Character  program addresses character issues more comprehensively than any other national program for youth. The program currently reaches hundreds of thousands of students on nearly 300 college and university campuses in North America and extends into their surrounding communities.

The NAIA Champions of Character program is an educational outreach initiative which emphasizes the tenets of character and integrity, not only for NAIA college students, but for younger students, coaches and parents in our communities.

Coaches, parents, administrators and community partners all have a role in developing students of character. The NAIA Champions of Character program brings them training, guidelines and behavior models to create positive environments that promote personal growth and fun sport activity.
Many of Montreat's athletic teams and student-athletes have been recognized by the Appalacian Athletic Conference as Champions of Character.  In 2007, senior basketball student-athlete Tim Lewis was recognized as the AAC Male Champion of Character, and in 2008 senior basketball student-athlete Thomas Nicholson received AAC Male Co-Champion of Character.
In 2002, Montreat Athletics started recognizing our own student-athletes that exemplify the core values of being a Champion of Character by selecting a female and male Champions of Character.
2002- Peter Thompson and Amanda Duncan
2003- Sam Ivey and Lucy Kraska
2004- Sam Ivey and Kara Harding
2005- Tim Lewis and Nicole Scheidt
2006- Tim Lewis and Stephanie Hosack
2007- Tim Lewis and Stephanie Hosack
2008- Thomas Nicholson and Stephanie Hosack
2009- Stephen Jackson and Erin Cross
2010- Stephen Jackson and Lyndsey Wall
2011- Ben Hall and Caroline Mellard
2012- Jared Nielsen and Caroline Mellard
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